Most Thursdays through the end of August, we open up the farm with live music, set out the table, fire up the grill, stock the bar, and light the bon fire from 6 - 9 pm. 

Thursdays are officially on here at the farm with live music too!  We'll open at 6 PM with a freshly-harvested, farm-fresh menu for you. Bar will open with Farmer Jones' Bourbon Lemonade and Southern-style Vodka Mint Sweet Tea. Come hang in wide-open spaces, choose to picnic or sit at many tables set out throughout the land. Tour our gardens. See the goats, lambs, chickens and pigs and all the new kitties we've welcomed. We've missed you and we know you've missed the chatter and sight of people celebrating the good things: food, drink, music and a rural landscape set for relaxing and all the joys of country living. $15 admission includes ice tea, water, and marshmallows for roasting. Food and drink a la carte. Cash and credit. Advance admission purchase required. Strict RSVP to maintain optimum attendance level.

Farm opens at 6 PM. Check-in at Bar. Menu is created day-of as it consists of items we've harvested from the gardens. Prices for entrees range from $12 - $20 per person. Bar drinks between $6-$10. 

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