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April 10, 2022

Another happy Sun-day to all,

We are very excited about the many hopes and desires that are coming to fruition this season. Many were planted in faith seven years ago and are finally showing signs of life and reality. Other hopes that we've planted are still rather slow in coming together, just like some of these tomato and pepper seedlings over here. In any case, we continue to nurture and care for each one, believing that at the proper time they will bear fruit.

Caring for seedlings lends many lessons for the rest of life. First off, there isn't a cookie-cutter approach because not every seedling flat requires the same care as the other. Some need to be rotated more, extra watered, less heat, more light, more food, and more time. They all have a different position in our greenhouse and different conditions in each pot. My kids present these needs as well. They are all unique. They are in the same house, but they have different experiences within this house. How they respond to our guidance and love is different for each one. How my eldest is responding doesn't mean I change up my approach with my youngest. And my middle two are vastly different in how they learn and love as well. My job is to be aware and be engaged.

Second, the actual 'grow' part of farming is out of my hands. My role as steward is to nurture and commit. We do what we know we should do based on knowledge and experience and then we stay faithful to the task. Ditto with kids, spouses, friends, and the desires of our heats. Keep moving forward, stay faithful to good work and the people and plants around you.

Until next week,

Rachael Jones


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