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May 1, 2022

We see the hopes we've had for this farm and family coming about and our hearts are delighted. We hoped to expand our land. We wanted to offer farm stays to encourage rest and understanding of food and community. We longed to financially support our dream team, so we could grow our programs and widen our impact. This newsletter celebrates the fruition of these dreams. I know there is plenty to be discouraged about and delays and disappointment can make the heart sick, but please don't give up. It's May 1, 2022. I see sprouts and blooms from dreams planted many years ago. They were watered with tears and strengthened by sorrow, but now the sun shines. Take time to nurture those hopes and longings. Know your Maker, slow down and listen; there's a plan and you have a purpose!

Until next time,

Rachael Jones


We have listed our one-of-a -kind farm-stay experience on VRBO. Our cozy cottage on our new 30-acre estate is ready to be booked. Enjoy a rural landscape and the simple beauty of country living. Harvest vegetables, herbs, and flowers from the gardens, as well as stock your fridge with the farm’s pasture-raised meats, local grass-fed dairy (milk and cheese) and scratch-made baked goods. Each morning, you’ll fetch your own eggs and experience the bounty of having your own homestead. Relax and enjoy the farm as your own - choose to participate in chores or just slow down and let the rural landscape nurture your soul.

If selecting Thursday, you’ll be able to attend Locavore’s Thursday Night Hang. Join locals for a casual night under the stars, featuring live music and an a la carte farm-fresh food and drink menu.

If staying on a Saturday, your farm-stay includes two adult dinner tickets ($100-off with stay) to Dine on the Land. Additional tickets must be purchased in advance. Prior to the event, observe how a group of farmers get a 100-foot table ready for 100 guests and a five-course feast. At 5 PM, step out and enjoy an evening of dining, live music, and more. Sunday, check-out is by 11. Book Your Cottage Stay Now!

Glamp-over after our Dine on the Land event. Our glamp tent sleeps up to two people, transforming your dinner into a two-day experience where you can have that extra glass of wine and stay the night. The tent is beautifully designed with custom furnishings and elegant details to keep things cozy and make you feel at home. After dinner, hang out around the campfire with fellow guests before you head to bed. In the morning, enjoy a farm fresh breakfast, hot coffee & tea. The tent can accommodate two additional if desired. See options at check-out. Saturday bookings only. Thursday nights considered upon request.

Youth Education Program & Director

We started our farm camp in 2017 with a desire to engage young people and their families in how to nurture and share good food. Our hope was to create a desire to work hard, be a good steward of land and body, and serve others well. The camp was dreamt up with my brother Vincent - an incredible educator and curriculum writer.

Year after year, Vince and his family would come up from Missouri and run camp. We dreamed of one day working together full time. Well, in April, Vince moved his family to Locavore to run our camps and establish a comprehensive learning experience for youth year round. Our farm camps this season will kick-off our full program. Those enrolled in camp will learn about our programs and offerings at the Camp dinner and will be offered membership and program discounts for their kids.

About Camp 2022

Enrollment is still open for Locavore's Farm Camp 2022. We chose two sessions to help keep camp groups small and also to allow a session for our campers who are growing up, but not out!

Our focus every year is to engage campers, showing them the incredible world around them and how its resources are nurtured and shared. They learn that they are stewards and that they play an active role in the health of the land and the food it produces. Their hands-on experiences require them to become agronomists and gastronomists throughout the week, leading up to a multi-course feast they’ve prepared for their family and friends and our long table. We also focus on character and how we show kindness through hospitality, integrity through growing food and leadership through the hard work of rural living.

Purchase: Session One

Farm Camp for ages 6-10 years old

July 11-14 from 9 AM to 1 PM and Family Farm Dinner on July 15,

starting at 6 PM.

Purchase: Session Two

Farm Camp for ages 11-16 years old

July 25-28 from 9 AM to 1 PM and Family Farm Dinner on July 29,

starting at 6 PM

Enroll today:

June is SOLD OUT! Reserve Your Seat at the Table

Yes, our first dinner is already sold out. We want to share stories and dinner with you this season. Come see us in the new space. Make your reservation soon at

Victory Garden Kit

We do the planning and planting for you, as well as the expense of seed-starting supplies and equipment by offering our Victory Garden Kit. Learn More. Two kits left!

Farm Box Subscription

There are no supply chain kinks when you source-direct from a local farmer. We offer an 18-week Farm Box Program, starting June through October. Every Thursday, come to the farm, during our Thursday Night Hangs and pick up a half-bushel box we've worked all week preparing for you. Learn More.

A Note to Purchase Tickets, Safely

We moved our ticketing service over to Tock as it provides several services that allow ticket holders to manage changes to tickets independently, such as dietary restrictions, guest name change, and the purchase and redemption of Tock-issued gift certificates. Please be aware, tickets should never be purchased through Facebook from users 'auctioning' or 'selling' our dinner tickets. Check with us first or purchase directly through


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