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May 15, 2022

We are plowing through our punch list to open. Resources, strength and time are valuable commodities and we are trusting our faithful God to supply them all at the proper time. There are more projects to complete before we open than humanely possible and we move forward each day meeting new obstacles and opposition. However, we believe with all our heart we will accomplish what we've set out to do and will see you when we open in June.

With so many tasks to complete, I assure you the laundry piles up, calls and emails go unanswered and meals are scattered and often served wrapped in paper. We all need haircuts. We go about the day with dirt under our fingernails and grass-stained knees. This is the season.

I'm often asked how I balance life. My response is an honest answer: I don't... And I'm OK with it. I've learned to respect and live in each season. I'm not looking for warm days in winter or green leaves in the fall. This keeps me from being discontent and anxious. These are the busy, long days/weeks/months and sometimes years required.

That's also why I don't judge the length of the season. Unlike the seasons of the year with set dates, life has more of an unseen master plan and I have to trust the time it takes in each season for the purpose to be accomplished.

The quiet life is simply living out your season, knowing it won't last for ever, and being gracious to yourself and others throughout the process. A few Valentine's Days ago, I gave Farmer Jones a card with the picture of a beautiful picnic spread on a dock overlooking a lake. It said, Someday! Once in a while, we will look at each other and say, someday and that exchange often provides enough hope and cheer to keep trudging through the day. Cheers to your Someday! Keep moving forward in your good work of serving others around you.

Until next time,

Rachael Jones

We are happy to share our interview with a nationally-syndicated broadcast, Heartland Stories Radio. Grab your ear buds, gardening gloves and give Episode 78 a listen. Heartland Stories Radio shares its science via Heartland Stories Radio, a weekly 29-minute podcast and radio show hosted by producer and good food pioneer Theresa Marquez. With rotating guests, each show shares important information about what we can all do to ensure a healthy, just food system for the 21st century. Find Heartland Stories Radio on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Podcasts.

We've been enjoying breakfast in beds these days. These pictures were taken early yesterday. We spent most of the day planting and also installed an incredible structure to create a living archway in the garden. I'll show you pictures next week...

Our pastures are now ready to bring in a dozen Katahdin sheep thanks to our mini-donkey. He goes by Lampwick, Eeyore, and Nacho! Having kids means never landing on a pet's name. He doesn't care. His job is protector and he's doing a fine job with our current goat, Ira and two sheep, Edi and She E. P. - again, the kids!

And this! When you arrive for dinner, you won't miss this beast or the incredible aroma it will provide. Smokin' hot and it knows it. Celebrating the food we grow and raise is the key to every gathering. We tend and nurture every step of growth until food can be shared where its story began. And, Farmer Jones cried a little when it arrived and without a bow, we said Happy Birthday, Fathers' Day and Merry Christmas!

Farm Stays

We have listed our one-of-a -kind farm-stay experience on VRBO. Our cozy cottage on our new 30-acre farm estate is ready to be booked. Enjoy a rural landscape and the simple beauty of country living. Harvest vegetables, herbs, and flowers from the gardens, as well as stock your fridge with the farm’s pasture-raised meats, local grass-fed dairy (milk and cheese) and scratch-made baked goods. Each morning, you’ll fetch your own eggs and experience the bounty of having your own homestead. Relax and enjoy the farm as your own - choose to participate in chores or just slow down and let the rural landscape nurture your soul.

Book Your Cottage Stay Now or Glamp-over after our Dine on the Land event.

Reserve Your Seat at the Table

We want to share stories and dinner with you this season. Come see us in the new space. Make your reservation soon at

Last Week to Enroll! Farm Camp 2022

Purchase: Session One

Farm Camp for ages 6-10 years old

July 11-14 from 9 AM to 1 PM and Family Farm Dinner on July 15,

starting at 6 PM.

Purchase: Session Two

Farm Camp for ages 11-16 years old

July 25-28 from 9 AM to 1 PM and Family Farm Dinner on July 29,

starting at 6 PM

Enroll today:


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