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October 30, 2022

Good Evening!

I can't believe November is two days away! We made it through a warm October and were able to get many projects complete to make our farm chores in the bitter cold a little less terrible. I really dislike the cold. REALLY! I dread the times when we will be hunched over, head down, speed-walking from the car to the door of our destination. I dislike getting into a cold car and the hustle to get outside with all the extra layers, hunting for matching gloves and mittens. Thank God that my favorite celebrations are in the colder months ahead: Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, Christmas on the Farm and Christmas Eve in the Beverly Neighborhood of Chicago with my extended family, followed by Christmas morning in my pajamas, watching my kids open their presents.

Currently, we are planning our Friendsgiving event. This is year seven and our first year in the new location; the first year with indoor bathrooms, heated flooring and vaulted ceilings in both the barn and barn lounge that will host the trees of my dreams! On Saturday, November 19th from 6 PM to 9 PM we will gather with guests, celebrating a true farm harvest. We have raised our heritage-breed turkeys from chicks and they've pastured since May, grazing and growing in order to 'join' us for supper! We have harvested pumpkins and squash, garlic, sweet potatoes and celery that will store for the next few weeks, turnips are holding and the greens and radishes will be harvested a few days before the feast. We don't stick to five-courses on Friendsgiving. It's all about abundance, so we create our menu to feature the flavor of each individual item.

The Thanksgiving meal redeems many lost opportunities throughout the year to slow down and reflect on how food unites people gathered around a table. And, while every day should be lived through the lens of thanksgiving and appreciation for all we have, the upcoming holiday lends time to ponder and speak out.

We believe a grateful heart should proclaim and share the many stories of the year: prayer answered, a hope fulfilled, a loved one healed, a new friend found, needs met right on time, or the encouragement from another, which gave you strength to move forward with confidence or stand firm in affliction. These are our stories of the past year.

I hope you can come to our Friendsgiving event on Saturday, November 19. In view of the financial difficulties of so many these days, we've reduced our ticket price by $55 dollars per person. We hope this helps and allows you to come and experience our joyful and heartfelt expression of the Thanksgiving Feast. Follow this link and let us know you're coming!

Until next week,

Mrs. Farmer Jones


This past Friday was magical. I watched guests become friends, connecting with one another around the table, the fire pit and the record player. Everyone brought in a record and we shared stories, our love for music and good food. We invite you to join us for our next Fireside Friday - created for a more intimate experience with our guests. Your reservation includes three courses served in our barn lounge at our communal tables for parties of two or 12. Our maximum booking is for 25 guests. Round out your Friday with a stay-over in our cozy farm cottage! Book now! Space is extremely limited for this experience.

Last Fireside Friday: November 11! $99 per person


Christmas on the Farm is SOLD OUT. On Friday, December 23, we look forward to an incredible experience with guests bringing in their family and out-of-town friends for a festive celebration throughout the farm.


In celebration of Small Business Saturday, we will be open, featuring our favorite things and our favorite farmers and makers to offer you a one-of-a-kind holiday shopping experience. We'll be serving a farm fresh breakfast all day!

Admission is $5 and will be reimbursed for any Locavore purchase over $30. Vendor and maker purchases excluded.

We will have e-gift cards and physical gift cards available in the shop, which can be applied for any experience, event, educational program or farm offering.


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