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Become a Locavore U Volunteer

Are you looking for an adventure that’s both exciting and meaningful? Do you want to immerse yourself in nature, learn new skills, and make a positive impact? If so, become a Locavore Steward through our farm’s immersive, hands-on volunteer program. By dedicating your time and talents, you’ll dive deep into the workings of a regenerative, permaculture farm that not only produces food but also offers immersive farm dinners, allowing guests to experience farm life and enjoy the freshest, nutrient-dense feasts.

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Volunteering at Locavore Farm offers a distinctive experience that challenges mainstream ideas about food production and consumption. It's an opportunity to immerse oneself in the full cycle of food, from seed to table, in a way that honors the earth and its bounty. Volunteers are integral to the farm's mission, participating in a variety of activities that span both 'The Table' and 'The Land'—two symbiotic arms of the farm that together create a holistic approach to sustainable living and community building. 'The Table' focuses on the communal aspect of food, bringing people together to share in the fruits of their collective labor, while 'The Land' emphasizes the careful stewarding of nature through organic farming practices and land restoration efforts.


The culture at Locavore Farm is one of inclusivity, learning, and mutual respect. It's a place where volunteers can escape the relentless pace of the digital world and find solace in the rhythms of nature. By prioritizing the slow and deliberate over the fast and convenient, the farm not only produces nutritious, ethically-grown food but also cultivates an environment where meaningful connections can flourish. Through hands-on participation, volunteers gain not just agricultural skills but also a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of food, land, and community. In this way, Locavore Farm stands as a testament to the transformative power of returning to our roots, both literally and metaphorically.

How can you get started on your FARMSTER experience this summer? Follow these steps:

  • Choose Your Role: Review each farmster role description and complete the registration form.

  • Join the Community: Locavore will then send you an introduction packet to capture your goals, interests, and availability.

  • Connect & Prepare: After submitting your packet, Locavore will match you up and schedule a day for you to come out and learn about the farm, its mission, and specific details about the role you’d like to play on the farm.

  • Embrace the Experience: Be prepared to dig in, learn new skills, forge lasting connections, and be part of a team that restores land and lives through feasts, events, education, and the bounty produced from the land.

Becoming a volunteer at Locavore is a step on your journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and environmental stewardship. Please reach out if you have questions on how to get started – we’re here to help!



Join us and make a meaningful impact on our farm and community while honing your skills in a unique and fulfilling environment! Explore each role below.


Join us and make a meaningful impact on our farm and community while honing your skills in a unique and fulfilling environment! Explore each role below.

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