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Farm Camp —
Weeklong Day Camp Sessions

Two summer sessions are offered, featuring five consecutive days for kids ages 6yrs. through 16 yrs. Our camps introduce youth to the rhythms of farm life and country living. Campers will participate in the preparation of Locavore Farm's signature farm dinner event, exclusively created for parents and siblings. Campers will work with chefs, farmers, along with science and art teachers as they explore nature and the relationship between farm and table. 


From the garden station to culinary, art, construction, survival & nature, each rotation will deliver an exciting and engaging experience to ensure a deep understanding of four key subjects: 


  • Water Harvesting: Understanding and using topography

  • Soil Life: Earth’s digestive system

  • Biodiversity: Animals, insects, plants

  • Food Forests: Foraging and farming food


  • 24 unique & hands-on classes

  • Supplies and materials for each class

  • Snack and lunch each day

  • Locavore tee-shirt (sizes indicated at check-out)

  • Camper dinner ticket + two for feast, additional tickets are $50 (additional tickets available for purchase camp week) 

In-Camp Workshop for Parent & Guardian

No need to scramble after drop-off, come learn new things while your kids do too. Each day during kids camp, we will offer a new workshop for parents or guardians interested in adding  more intention and purpose into their lives and homes. Through story and discussion, participants will enjoy a refreshing conversation on gardening, cooking, nutrition and the posture of a simple, self-reliant and slowed down lifestyle. With an opportunity to apply what’s learned, participants will make and take something home each day. The workshop will include lunch, which will be harvested and prepared by participants as part of the learning experience. Following the workshop, participants are encouraged to spend the last hour of kids camp, reading, journaling, or just soaking in the country living in one of our curated spaces, overlooking the gardens or pastures. Workshops are limited to 12 participants each day. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged to ensure participation. However, depending on availability, parents are able to sign-up the day-of. 


Workshops are new every day, Monday - Thursday from 10 AM to 1 PM, and include lunch and refreshments, lessons and materials.  Cost per participant is $87. 

Session One

Monday, July 10 through Thursday, July 13
Camp starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 2:00 PM
Family Feast is on Friday, July 14
Guests arrive with campers at 6:00 PM. Dinner and activities end at 9:00 PM

Session Two

Monday, July 24 through Thursday, July 27
Family Feast is on Friday, July 28

Camp starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 2:00 PM
Guests arrive with campers at 6:00 PM. Dinner and activities end at 9:00 PM

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