Farm Camp —
Weeklong Day Camp Sessions

Two summer sessions are offered, featuring five consecutive days for kids 6yrs to 10 yrs. (Session One) and youth 11 yrs. to 16 yrs. (Session Two).  Our camps introduce youth to the rhythms of farm life and country living. Campers will participate in the preparation of Locavore Farm's signature farm dinner event, exclusively created for parents and siblings. Campers will work with chefs, farmers, along with science and art teachers as they explore nature and the relationship between farm and table.

Session One

Farm Camp for ages 6-10 years old

Date: TBA

Session Two

Farm Camp for ages 11-16 years old

Date: TBA

This season, we will look at the character traits of George Washington Carver, every farmers' hero.

He introduced regenerative farming practices when farmland was near complete desolation due to the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression. He was a brilliant agronomist that invented hundreds of our everyday products and practices, turning down a lucrative salary with Thomas Edison to continue teaching students and farmers to ensure a sustainable food system. He was kind, generous, and invested in the lives of others. He loved nature and was an incredible steward of our planet. He taught every student to ``always take your share of the world and let others have theirs.

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