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Welcome to Locavore U

Where experienced instructors, hands-on lessons, and a community of curious learners gather on the farm to learn traditional skills that will build confidence in your abilities to care for you and your people.

As a student of the Locavore U community, you’ll be equipped with information you can apply to everything from your small garden or 400 acres and everything in between. We’ll serve up classes that you can choose from based on your needs and goals.

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Locavore U at a Glance

  • Hands-on classes getting back to the basics and teaching traditional skills

  • Register for as many classes as you wish

  • Classes are available April through December

  • Classes are 2-4 hours long

  • Class fees include all materials and supplies needed for instruction and take-home projects, as well as any take-aways!

We look forward to guiding YOU through YOUR journey as a student of Locavore U

2024 Classes


Covering areas like herbal wellness, production gardening, sourdough baking, natural beekeeping, food preservation, wild food foraging, mycology, and generating income from your land, Locavore U's on-farm classes offer hands-on, collaborative, and social learning experiences. These classes focus on skill development and are led by individuals who have embraced a simpler, more meaningful, and intentional way of life. FEES INCLUDE ALL MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR INSTRUCTION AND TAKE-HOME PROJECTS AND TAKE-AWAYS!

  • Construction for the Backyard Homestead

  • Creating Income from Your Land

  • Crystalized Flower Petals

  • Edible Flowers

  • Fermenting Vegetables & Gut Health

  • Food Preservation/Dehydrating 

  • Food Preservation/Pressure Canning

  • Grow Your Own Victory Gardens

  • Handcrafting (felting wool)

  • Basic Hand Stitch for Garment Repair & Gift-giving)

  • Herbal First Aid

  • Homestead Design

  • Making Bone Broth

  • Mycology & Mushrooms

  • Natural Beekeeping 101 / Treatment-Free Bee-having

  • Natural Beekeeping 102 / Colony Collapse/What are the Bees Telling Us?

  • Pasture-to-Plate; Smoke, Roast & Grill

  • Permaculture Design for Backyards and Farms

  • Raised Bed Systems & Hugelkultur

  • Raising Chickens for Eggs and Meat

  • Seed-saving & Seed Banks

  • Sourdough & Grains

  • Traditional Foods for Daily Menus

  • Wildcraft & Wellness

  • Wildfoods & Foraging

  • Winter Seed Sowing 

The Permaculture Course Offering

A very unique offering happening in 2024 is The Permaculture Course at Locavore Farm. If you’re serious about developing your own land whether it’s a quarter acre or 400 acres. This is a unique opportunity to learn how the Jones family learned and take part in an immersive certification. 


15-hrs. of Pre-Training Webinars

8 Very Full Days On Site - June 1-8, 2024


Curriculum Overview:

  • Earthworks

  • Water Harvesting

  • Soil Building

  • Plants and Guilds

  • Food Production Systems

  • Humane Use of Animals

  • Alternatives to Alternative Energy

  • Natural Building

  • Aquaculture - Aquaponics

  • Community Governance


For more information including a deeper dive into the curriculum that will be offered AND to register, click here.

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Spend Time on Campus Outside of Class 

Join us on the farm outside of your class time as you enjoy time dining on the land.

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