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Mushroom Workshop

Locavore Farm is beginning to cultivate mushrooms this season! In general, mushrooms can be a scary topic that some people tend to just avoid for various reasons. But, after taking this course, we hope that you get as excited about the world of mushrooms as we are. Growing mushrooms at home and getting into mushroom foraging has the potential to provide amazing nutrients, medicinal benefits, that famous umami flavor to your dinner plate, and pure enjoyment for adults and family members. There is so much to learn about mushrooms! So, come learn with us and enjoy the journey of becoming fungus fanatics together! 


This workshop will teach the ecology of fungus and its role in nature. The mycelium network under our feet is truly mind blowing! Fungus is way more than just a decomposer. It is a creature that has closer DNA to humans than it does a plant. It has its own unique life cycle, niche, and behaviors. While the series The Last of Us might scare some of you away, we hope you join us in learning about the amazing science of mushrooms. 


Participants will be taught from and take home an educational booklet as well as their own grow kit. Within a few weeks, and after learning and implementing the proper care for their oyster mycelium, the grow kit will begin fruiting and a fresh harvest will be ready to be added to the skillet. Hopefully the experience gets you hooked, and you stay connected to Locavore Farm to help you find more ways to supplement your diet, income, and medicine cabinet.


Each workshop is for ages 16 and up.

They are three hour sessions and are taught by the education director at Locavore Farm-Vince McClenahan. 


April 22nd and April 29th (9am-12:00pm)

May 12th (9am-12:00pm), June 10th (4:00pm-7:00pm)

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