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We offer our flowers wholesale to designers and flower cart vendors. Choose our designer subscription program or Cut-n-Go Bucket. Locavore Farm is a member of Floret Farm’s Collective - a part of the global seasonal flower movement, committed to growing, buying, and promoting local flowers. All our seeds are from Floret’s exclusive offering, or saved from our very first gardens.

Local and organically-grown cut flowers are in high-demand. Let your customers know you source direct and support local, regenerative farming by purchasing wholesale cut flowers from Locavore Farm.

Yes, ordering from a catalog and having your order shipped to your home or floral shop is more convenient; however, we believe even the busy designer and flower vendor should stop and smell the roses!  Slow down at Locavore Farm while you connect with a local community of growers and creatives. Walk the gardens and select your own bloom size, shape, color and variety. Let each flower’s origin inspire your design, lending from nature’s flawless expertise.

Locavore’s Floral Programs:

Subscription Program

  • Subscribers receive 9 Farmer’s Buckets per month – pick weekly, per event or whenever needed

  • Monthly fee is $199, June through October

  • Bucket fill is approximately 5-7 bunches or 50-70 stems of a variety of in-season blooms

  • Enroll in monthly floral subscription program. You purchase will be the first of five. Following your first purchase, we will bill you monthly for the remaining four. Enroll now, space is limited. 



Cut-n-Go Bucket

  • Our Cut-n-Go Bucket is a one-time purchase for $100

  • Requires a week advance notice and first-come, first-served basis

  • Purchase your bucket and we will contact you to arrange pick up times. Flowers are available starting June 20.


The flowers we grow and their colors:

  • Our varieties: amaranth (3 varieties), stock (2 varieties/pink), celosia (2 varieties), zinnias (19 varieties), strawflowers (3 varieties), Cosmos (8 varieties), Sunflowers (giant and standard) etc.  

  • Our colors: whites, creams and ivory, pastel and blush, deep reds and burgundy, bright pinks, yellows and lime greens.

Locavore's Floral Program for Designers & Flower Cart Vendors

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