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We are called to be good stewards of our land because we love the humans who depend on its resources.

Our desire is to restore the connection of people, one to another through experiences that positively impact how food is nurtured and shared. Our Story

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Just 43-miles south of Chicago, the Jones family introduced a locavore’s table; a very long table - just over 100 feet.

Each seat at the table serves as the end-point of the farm’s entire agricultural operation, beginning with a seed planted and ending with a feast. Guests Dine on the Land, sitting steps from where each ingredient had its beginning. 

Locavore Farm has created a new space for its experiences, expanding onto a 30-acre parcel named, Sumac Creek Farm.

Sumac is Locavore’s Agrarian Resort - a biodynamic farm and rural space to dine, stay-over and experience how food is nurtured and shared. Sumac Creek Farms is just 1.8 miles down the road from Locavore’s original homestead. Sumac Creek applies regenerative agricultural practices while providing memorable experiences that connect dinners to the culture of Agriculture.  Enjoy Locavore’s dining events, outdoor markets, private parties, educational experiences (camp only) as well as overnight and extended farm-stays.

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Our educational experiences aim to promote healthier and resilient lifestyles, particularly in children ages 4 through 18 years.

Kids will learn about regenerative farming practices to create a biodynamic and sustainable system for growing food. Activities are hands-on and engaging to help learners understand nutrition and cooking, self-reliance and the connection between hard work and good character. Programming is offered in single and multi-day experiences from March through November with two, week-long Farm Camp sessions in July. Farm Camp 2023 Registration is now open. 

Our farm provisions are available in our online shop and at Locavore’s General Store or pop-up farmstand.

We pasture-raise chickens, sheep, goat and pigs to produce nutrient-dense protein as well as a variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers. We offer weekly farm boxes by subscription, and grow plants to encourage backyard homesteading and curate goods from around the world to support mission-minded makers. Subscription programs and Victory Gardens on sale February 1.

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