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Locavore Farm offers educational experiences at both its original homestead and now at its 29-acre Agrarian Center at Sumac Creek Farms, just 2.2 miles down the road.  
Each educational experience is hands-on and provides practical instruction for growing, preparing, and consuming nutrient-dense food. The aim is to promote healthier lifestyles, particularly in children ages 4 through 18 yrs. Education includes increasing the knowledge and skill of climate-friendly farming practices and their impact on human health and environment for generations to come.  Locavore Farm’s programming is offered in single and multi-day experiences from March through November.

Cooking Classes

 Locavore Farm offers cooking classes and dining experiences rooted in education for children in order to expand participation in at-home preparation and consumption of locally nutrient-dense foods. Locavore Farm believes the way to create a shift in the way children participate in their healthy food choices is necessary to mitigate the escalation of obesity in youth as well as disease in youth.

Weeklong Day Camp Sessions

Two summer sessions are offered, featuring five consecutive days for kids 6yrs to 10 yrs. (Session One) and youth 11 yrs. to 16 yrs. (Session Two).  Our camps introduce youth to the rhythms of farm life and country living. Campers will participate in the preparation of Locavore Farm's signature farm dinner event, exclusively created for parents and siblings. Campers will work with chefs, farmers, along with science and art teachers as they explore nature and the relationship between farm and table.

Gardening & Nutrition Classes

Curricula and activities will help participants identify and understand soil biomes and its impact on plant physiology and nutrition in food. The goal is to create greater awareness and demand for consumption of locally grown food by connecting the health of the soil to the nutrition of the plant and subsequent impact on nourishment and flavor, as well as create more participation in the at-home preparation and consumption of fruits and vegetables and therefore greater demand for the sale of specialty crops.

Pop-Up Workshops — One Day or Multi

The workshops literally pop-up as they are based on an opportunity to use a farm happening for education. The birth of livestock, arrival of chicks, new plantings, a large harvest, or a discovery will result in us creating an educational opportunity at the farm. If you wish to be notified, please subscribe to this list so we can contact you directly when opportunity arises.