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Your Farmsters

Farmer Jones is pretty spunky when he rides the tractor! #love #farmers

Chris Jones

Locavore Farm is owned by Chris and Rachael Jones. Chris is a veteran, having served in the United States Navy for six years where he studied electro-mechanical engineering. As a civilian, Chris served the healthcare industry as a biomedical engineer for years before becoming a full-time farmer, joining his family in the daily tasks of both farms. He is the MacGyver of the operation, able to repair and construct most anything with most everything. Super skill: Legoless-like speed and precision with zip-ties and duct tape.


Rachael Jones

Rachael’s background is in marketing, event management and community development. She’s created award-winning campaigns for projects, products and people for over two decades in both public and private sectors. Rachael nurtures the soul of Locavore, carefully managing every program and experience to ensure the vision and mission is expressed in context. Super skill: converting recipes for serving sizes of four to 100+ without the use of math.


Vincent McClenahan

Vincent McClenahan is Locavore’s full-time education director and curriculum writer. He oversees learning experiences for young and old alike. Having combined his skills as an educator with his experience living on a cattle ranch in Missouri, Vince has a vision for connecting academics and agriculture. Super skill: Height, strength and humor, he’s truly the BFG!


Peter Sorci

Pete Sorci is the farm coordinator, serving as liaison between the farm and all who intersect. From our collaborating farmers and vendors to our seasonal staff and volunteers, Pete is tuned in to the people that make the projects possible. Pete has an infectious laugh and can be found wearing every hat of the operation. Super skill: his hip-hip-hoorays at every celebration.


Heather Deyo

Heather Deyo is the crop consultant who carefully researches all the ways to best steward the land and grow nutrient-dense foods. She loves finding unusual vegetable varieties for the table and is serious about seed-saving to preserve the sovereignty of the food we grow. She owns a homestead that successfully supports her family of seven. Super skill: past Disney creative, now killer chalkboard menu artist. 

Locavore Farm has many players involved from the farmers who collaborate on the menu, guest chefs that participate in live-cooking demos during events and a hospitality crew that ranges from farmers to lawyers, and past guests both young and old alike. All are welcome to participate in the good work of growing food and setting the table.

Locavore Farm and Sumac Creek serve as a learning facility and offer internships for students pursuing their Masters Degree in dietetics for Olivet Nazarene. Locavore Farm also works with the Avellino Group, collecting data and assisting clinicians and educators in the relationship between agriculture and nutrition.

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