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Victory Garden Kit


We would like to support self-reliance and all the benefits of growing your own food with Locavore Farm's Victory Garden Kit. It's really quite simple and since we love growing for our fields and table, we figured we should grow for yours too!  

About our Victory Garden Kits: Locavore Farm now offers a Victory Garden Kit to help you grow your own food and become more self-reliant.  We use only heirloom and non-GMO seeds, as well as organic soil, along with lots of love and care. Our Victory Garden Kit includes seedlings ready for transplant by May 15 (clear of frost threats). We start seedlings the first week of March and first week of April. Seedlings are hardened-off so they are ready to plant in your garden or pot-up for patio gardens.  

Every kit includes 20 plants: 2 cherry tomato plant (Sungold), 1 heirloom and 1 Roma tomato plant, 1 hot pepper (jalapeno, hot wax pepper), 2 pickling cucumber plant, 2 basil plants (Genovese & bush), 1 flat parsley plant, 1 lovage (perennial herb/celery flavor), 2 kale plant, 2 rainbow chard, 2 string bean plant, 1 flat of salad mix, 2 sunflowers. These plants and varieties can be planted in the ground in a prepared or existing garden site, or on the patio, in pots, in planter boxes and raised beds. Each kit includes a simple growing guide, plus we're always able to connect through Facebook or email if you have any questions about planting, growing, or harvesting. We will also include a few recipes with each Kit, using the items you'll be growing. 

​Victory Garden Kits are $145
Victory Gardens will be available for pick-up at Locavore Farm starting no later than May 6 (as long as no frost threat). We will contact everyone on exact date and time. Additional plants are available for purchase at time of pic
k up. Our General Store will be stocked with plants - many different varieties, along with other items you may find helpful to get started and maintain your own garden. The Victory Garden Kit gets you started on your summer menus.

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