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Begins at 12 PM
(45 minute Workshop)
Location: Locavore's Farmhouse

Reconnect with nature through the lost art of foraging for wild foods! Take a trek and explore the hunt for wild, nutrient dense foods in their biodiverse habitats, from the forest to the fields, you’ll gather inspiration and information to shop as local as your own backyard! Together we will whip up a wild crafted treat which is certain to delight! 

Michele is certified in Western Herbology, Conservation, Permaculture Design and a self-taught, lifetime learner of all things Botany!


Begins at 3 PM
(45 minute Workshop)
Location: Locavore's Greenhouse

Dive deep into the world of mycology with a hands-on workshop led by experts from Living Planet Permaculture, LLC and Midwest Grow Kits. 

Hosted on the scenic Locavore Farm, participants will master the techniques of propagating mushrooms outdoors using inoculated grow kits from Midwest Organics. This collaborative experience ensures you leave with the knowledge and confidence to cultivate your own gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.

Kneading Bread Dough

Begins at 6 PM
(1hr. Workshop + 45 min. Bake)

Location: Locavore's Farmhouse

Sourdough has been around for thousands of years and recently has increased in popularity. The unmatched taste, health benefits, and self sustainability are some of the main draws, but the terminology and techniques can be intimidating. Kate is all about sharing the gift of sourdough and setting your fears aside. Come join me for an opportunity to gather and learn about a simple method around a complex topic!

What’s included:


  • An educational packet on sourdough and the science behind the fermentation process.

  • A demonstration of the step-by-step process

  • Participants will scour a small loaf of bread as the final step in the process. This will be freshly baked to take home and will be available for you to pick up 45 minutes after the class.


***Please allow yourself 45 min after the class to pick up your take home loaf. Your loaf will be baked at the end of the class.


Begins at 1 PM
(45 minute Workshop)
Location: Locavore's Farmhouse

It's that time of year again when we gather our bounty and put it up on the shelves! Build assurance in your ability to prepare foods for long term preservation by joining Dr. Anstrom.

Dr. Anstrom will introduce participants to basic steps in preserving your garden harvest for use this fall and winter. This 30-minute workshop will present information on food safety principles when water bath canning, freezing and dehydrating foods from your garden. She will help you reduce food waste and while gaining confidence in your food preservation skills using food safety techniques.

Dr. Anstrom is a Registered Licensed Dietitian with over 30 years of educational experience. She is a certified Food Safety Manager, Instructor, and Proctor for National Restaurant Association ServSafe Program.

Bill Wilson of MIdwest Permaclture (9).jpg

Begins at 5 PM
(45 minute Workshop)
Location: Locavore's Greenhouse

Bill and Becky Wilson, the founders of Midwest Permaculture, are partnering up with Locavore to offer Permaculture Design Certifications and workshops. 

 Join Bill as he walks us through an introduction to the vast world of Permaculture; its founders, history, purpose and benefits, inspiring us to be stewards of the land be it our yards, gardens or community! Gather up a few regenerative, self-reliant practices to take into your own home!

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