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This lovely farm and its equally lovely owners, hosted a fun-filled, earth day celebration for the local girl scout troops and their families. There was a scavenger hunt and we had a yummy lunch; we did some arts and crafts and then the kids had a potato sack race (hysterical!); they planted some sunflowers, ate s'mores and then got to fish! Too much fun for one day!!  
- Reviewed on April 22, 2017-

The atmosphere was absolutely blissful! Loved how it was all local family farms working together side by side to give the fresh, organic food that was served throughout the evening. Locavore farm helped teach what it means to really slow down and be in the moment. Also loved the touch in the garden...When pigs fly! Well their pigs are flying and they are doing what others dream. Keep up the great work! I will be back!  
-Reviewed September 18, 2016-

Locavore Farm will not disappoint. Beautiful land, delicious food and the most friendly family you will ever meet.
-Review March 27, 2017-

Wow my 50th birthday celebration was this past Saturday at Locavore Farm. My guests and I had a fabulous time. This was my 2nd time attending a dinner at Locavore. The food, entertainment, ambience, decorative land and Rachel's warm embracing spirit made the celebration fantastic!! I felt blessed with the private table that awaited us....the table was beautifully placed and set for 21 people.

Thank you you Locavore for the gift of your staff, land and dinner. My birthday was awesome.
-Review September 22, 20176

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