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You’re stressed.

You’ve just checked Facebook for the thirty-ninth time today. You wish you were exaggerating.

You’ve logged 55 hours at work last week and 60 the week before.  

You’re working on creating more work-life balance—whatever that means.

Dinner? You picked up something from the overpriced grocery store on your way home.

It was fine, but now you feel guilty.

You’ve spent more time this week staring at a screen than you have looking into your kids’ eyes.

You’ve logged more hours looking at your laptop than you have at your partner.

You know you need to slow down, but how? There’s so much to do!

We get it.
This was us...until just a few years ago.


Welcome to Locavore Farm

We’re a family-run farm, serving our community local and organic food that’s more than just a meal. We give our farm dinner guests a simple and beautiful experience. Dinner guests connect with old friends, make some new ones, and raise an artisan-drink-filled glass to the slow life.

We’re a family who left our comfy, but so busy suburban lifestyle to buy a small farm and grow our own food. We handed in our corporate resignations not knowing exactly what was next.

We do know that we want to grow a community--one that feels good. We’re doing it through local food, drinks, music, and getting together--face-to-face in-person!

It’s a Movement.

The Slow Down Movement.

We were that stressed out, overbooked family.

Confused and frustrated with the way food is grown and labeled, we traded our laptop bags and lattes to become backyard farmers trying to close the gap between where food is grown to where food is enjoyed.

We went all in on a new adventure. A five-acre property in Grant Park, IL—40 miles south of Chicago—with organic, rich soil, an apple and pear orchard, and amazing big open sky vistas.
The sunsets, you guys.

We thought we were doing all the right things for our kids, but we realized that the noise and distraction of the hurried pace of our suburban life was robbing us of the simplicity and joy of seeing the sun rise and set, gathering with friends face-to-face, and the satisfaction that comes from building something with our own (now calloused) hands.  

We wanted to create a place for our friends and family to gather where they too could connect with the 'good things'—you know, the things people have been sharing with each other since the beginning of time: plants to grow, real food from the earth, and beer and wine that lifts human hearts and feeds our souls.


It begins at the dinner table.

But not just any dinner table.

We worked with Life & Limb Designs to build a 100-foot, cedar table to seat 100 guests.

Dinner guests to share a meal, a drink, a real conversation.

Today, we use our 4,000-square foot organic garden, along with neighboring sustainable farms, and the best local restaurant chefs to feed you, our dinner guest.

Since 2015, we’ve welcomed over 4,000 guests to our 100-foot long dinner table.

We’ve teamed up with executive chefs from Stella Bear Foods, Kankakee, IL, and The Cottage on Dixie, Homewood, IL for a dinner experience that doesn’t compare to any restaurant.

When you dine on the farm, your dinner is coming from no more than 10 miles of Locavore Farm. How’s that for local?

When you first step foot onto our farm, one of us will probably hug you. Then, you’re welcome to join us on a stroll around the farm, where we’ll tell you all about the organic food we’re growing, and give you an intimate look into the micro-farm life.

When the dinner bell rings—yes, we have an actual bell, you’ll gather around the table, sit back, relax, and enjoy a 5-course rustic and delicious organic meal paired with locally brewed beer and wine.

Best of all—you’ll finally understand what slowing down really means.

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