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February 20, 2022

Recently I had a conversation that I've replayed in my head for several days. I was updating a friend on our exciting news - to be shared with ya'll soon - and we were talking about the wait and how now the signs of fruition are present. My friend expressed that the visible evidence meant things were finally happening. For me, the evidence is proof they've been happening all along.

When it's time to tell the story, you'll hear the many different stages it has taken. Stages of work and seasons of waiting. Stages of being still and seasons of growth.

I'm staring at a Sugar Maple outside my window right now. It's base is buried in snow. There are no leaves, just bare branches. If I looked at the Maple's current state without consideration of the season, I'd likely chop it down and use it for firewood. However, I know that the Sugar Maple is saving energy while it waits for spring. At the proper time, it will show off its dense crown of deep green and yellowish leaves.

Many of our/your efforts are buried under the snow right now and if we only look for the visible signs of them working, we may be discouraged. Don't give up. Soon spring will show you that all along patience was at work, holding it all together until the proper time. FYI, 28 days to spring!

Until next week,

Rachael Jones


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