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April 2, 2023

The sun is out and it feels as though a veil has lifted. Around here we’ve endured a week of gray skies, powerful wind, and lots of wet and muddy puddles. Yes, the cold lingers and when transitioning from March to April in the Midwest, you can get down right moody waiting for warmer temperatures and the signal that your cooped up days are over. Patient-endurance is always the life lesson in every season.

Today is Palm Sunday when I remember the contrast between a King who came to serve and lay down his life for his people versus leadership that demands honor and serves only self. Christ rode in on a donkey not a warhorse and he trod across leaves and branches. Though his entry was humble and did not display the royalty due, this triumphant entry was the plan all along as spoken through the prophet Zechariah (9:9) almost 500 years prior. The humble donkey symbolized peace and goodwill and the crowd shouted, ‘Hosanna’ for this King was not afraid to be around the sick or the sinner and made time to bless their children.

Patient-endurance waited 500+ years and recognized the majesty of a donkey and the splendor of the Servant King. May we continue to show great patience as we wait again and not grow weary of doing good,

Until next week,

Mrs. Farmer Jones

Some change channels, some change the landscape!

We’ve created a one of a kind view and standpoint.

Next step: Sow seeds!


Mrs. Farmer Jones was interviewed by Catie Keogh of Let's Go with Catie Keogh, a content contributor for National Geographic and featured radio program, airing in 28 states around the country. Give it a listen on Spotify!


From Vince McClenahan, Locavore Farm Education Director

Hooray for Spring! The sights and sounds of the new season surround us. Spring is alive and pulsing with hope. Forget New Year's resolutions, my motivation to begin and accomplish new things begins around the same time I see the birds fluttering around chirping their songs of joy in my backyard.

This year, maybe more than any other year of my adult life, I am excited for the good work given to me. In my ten years of teaching, I think that spring always marked the time where survival mode set in. By the time students got back from Spring Break I could tell that they were done being cooped up inside of a classroom. They were antsy, ready to break out of the confines of school. Afterall, Summer Break is next! Now, in my role as education director at Locavore Farm, I’m not in survival mode. I’m like my goats kicking at the gate trying to escape their pen to leave a diet of hay and feed and get back out on pasture again to feast on fresh green grass. Like many of my students during the last week of school, I’m excited for summer too!

The winter season allowed time for study and growth. During this winter, I took an intensive course through Midwest Permaculture with Bill and Becky Wilson and received my Permaculture Design Certificate. The content and skills I learned blew my mind. Permaculture is the path forward to sustainability and restoration, not just in agriculture, but also for our community and environment. I look forward to implementing permaculture principles and practices at Sumac and the Locavore Homestead and am eager to share what I’ve learned. Therefore, I am proud to announce the implementation of workshops at Locavore Farm. In these workshops you will experience hands-on learning that will get you excited about ecology, gardening, community, sustainability, and outdoor living. I'm ready to enjoy God’s beautiful outdoors and learn together as a community.


Locavore Farm is so excited to offer this Mushroom Workshop. If you have ever wondered how to identify, forage, cultivate and cook your own mushrooms, then this class is for you! Taught by a Permaculture graduate, and fungi enthusiast, participants will leave this workshop with a deeper appreciation and understanding of fungi’s role in ecology, medicine, and culinary arts. Not only will participants bring home educational resources, but also a starter kit for growing your own delicious edible mushrooms at home! We will even cook and enjoy a delicious mushroom highlighted meal together with a chef. So, enroll now! This workshop will fill up quickly and there is limited space!

On top of all that, I believe that this 2023 Kids Camp is going to be bigger and better than ever.

Come on, Spring!


P.S.: Farm Camp is Filling Up!

Two summer sessions are offered, featuring five consecutive days for kids ages 6yrs. through 16 yrs. When we curate our groups, the age ranges are generally grouped 6-9yrs., 9-12yrs., and 13-16yrs. Camp hours are 9-2 PM each day. All camp activities lead up to a family feast on Friday. Kids learn how a farm operates, solely motivated by the guests gathered at the table. They participate in the preparations and experience the good work of sharing a meal. Learn More


All our dinner dates are entered and from our pre-season sale, some are over 50% filled up already. Join us for another season. Bring new friends. Come for a special occasion. Experience new additions to the evening, including an expanded farm tour, covering all the new animals and projects of the season. Join the Table!

Extend your Dine on the Land experience and stay over after dinner in a newly remodeled farmhouse or in our glamp tent. Book Now!


Our Weekly Farm Box Subscription spans 24-weeks, May 25 through October 26. For $65 per week, your Locavore box includes:

  • One whole pasture-raised chicken is a heritage-bred, slow growth, antibiotic-free, raised-on-pasture, free to roam and graze with a non-GMO and organic scratch grain for additional nutrients. The average bird size is 4-5 lbs. (average bird is 4-5lbs, value $20-$25/whole bird).

  • We harvest 7-8 different vegetables. We pack an average of about 12 - 14 pounds of produce in each box. Vegetables are grown without harsh chemicals and in soil, meticulously managed to support the delivery of nutrients to each plant. (value range $38-$52).

  • Depending on the week, we add to each box an organic grain item, pasture-raised eggs, local honey, flowers or shop item (value range $7-$25).

  • Our subscribers enjoy free admission for their entire family and the friends they bring to our Thursday Night events ($15 per person/excludes food & drink).

We have a limited number of spots each season. Learn More


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