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October 23, 2022

Good Morning!

This stunningly warm weather for those of us in the Chicagoland area is a simple reminder that we can be surprised with unexpected change in the midst of a season. It is a gift to refresh us for the journey ahead.

I'd like to share a few stories from this week that encouraged my heart and reminded me we are made for one another!

These are the Days!

"These are the days now that we must savor

And we must enjoy as we can

These are the days that will last forever

You've got to hold them in your heart." Van Morrison

The kids got dressed up and went to their Homecoming Dance. For one, the last time I fitted him for a suit was when he was a ring-bearer, wearing a 2T baby tuxedo. For the other, this was the first time she was in a home long enough, able to focus on her special day and make sure she has all the unnecessary accessories to look and feel fabulous! This picture of them truly speaks more than words and communicates their connection well. One has had to step slightly to the side to allow another to belong, knowing that sacrifice will be richly rewarded both now and forever. The other has bravely stepped into her place, letting go of the pain of the past so she can experience love and joy to change the path of her future.

God help us to truly see what's going on with those around us and let us step aside or step forward so we can love them well.

The next story is a reminder to shop with people whenever possible, to move beyond the convenience of a click and interact with humans. We were meant to connect, daily and often with one another. And, there is a reason:

Our son needed a suit - see above! He is a slim guy and I knew we'd have some challenges. We started our search at Kohls, hoping that the massive place would have a few options. Wrong! Desperate to get something on time, I pulled out my phone in the middle of the aisle and opened my Amazon app, looking for Prime-Only options. Search, click, click and a few options were on their way - hopefully! We walked out of Kohls with something we'd neither seen nor tried-on.

Upon leaving the parking lot, my husband said we should try the mall. Now you know what's going on with malls these days. They are ghost towns for the most part, but he recalled a men's suit shop the last time we'd been inside. We walked down the hallway, lined with empty stores until we came to Jimmy Holmes where we were greeted by Jimmy. He looked my son up and down and said he had just the suit. He fitted the suit on-site making minor adjustments, all the while getting to know my family while sharing his stories, giving solid marriage advice and suggesting every month we all get dressed up just to feel good about ourselves and maintain an appetite for the good things. He even pressed the suit. On our way out, we shook hands, thanking Jimmy and saying good-bye as we would a friend because that's what we'd become in the hour we were there. As we were leaving, Jimmy had one more gift. He pulled out his guitar and impeccably played us a Gospel song! We left with more than a suit. My encouragement here is to purchase from a person. Even at a Big Box store, purchase from and through a human because there is more to life than convenient transactions.


This past Friday was magical. I watched guests become friends, connecting with one another around the table, the fire pit and the record player. Everyone brought in a record and we shared stories, our love for music and good food. We invite you to join us for our next Fireside Friday - created for a more intimate experience with our guests. Your reservation includes three courses served in our barn lounge at our communal tables for parties of two or 12. Our maximum booking is for 25 guests. Round out your Friday with a stay-over in our cozy farm cottage! Book now! Space is extremely limited for this experience.

Dates: October 28; November 11, and December 9, and 1

$99 per person


The turkeys are on pasture - they don't know why! We do. Returning for its seventh year, Friendsgiving on the Farm. We celebrate the closing of the season with an abundant feast in our barn. Enjoy the farm’s twist on Thanksgiving Dinner and participate in a gathering of grateful hearts and rich friendships. Participate in the lighting of Locavore’s Christmas Tree! Reserve your group or individual seating?


Christmas on the Farm is an incredible experience. Guests come for our favorite holiday bites, ordering off our menu and gathering in the barn or around the firepit. Stroll Locavore’s Estate and enjoy all the lights and holiday decor. This experience is perfect to share with out-of-town guests in for the holidays! Admission required. Food and drink a la carte.

As you know we hired Vince McClenahan as our educational director, tasked to create a comprehensive learning experience for youth 5 through 17 years of age. We are working hard on rolling out our full schedule for 2023 soon. Enroll in long-term and pop-up learning events with the objective to help our kids to good works, creating a sense of meaning and connectedness. Less virtual and all hands-on to provide an authentic experience that shapes their future! I like to share Vince's perspective from time-to-time. Read his weekly update, here.

Until next week,

Mrs. Farmer Jones

Next Week: Look for information on physical gift certificates, holiday shopping, booking our cottage in the off-season, and help us plan 2023 by taking a brief survey.


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