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February 19, 2023


I can't believe we are wrapping up February this week. Over here, we’ve spent these last two months dissecting every plan for our upcoming season and encouraging one another to take courage though some of our next steps seem impossible.

March requires courage as we begin to put our plans into action. There's always the risk of not selling enough tickets to support production and yet, we must work each day like every date and every seat is filled. Waiting to see how it all works out will prevent us from seeing how it will all work out! We move forward believing this will be our best season yet.

For me, adventure is stepping out before my foot hits solid ground and being willing to wait patiently with little visual encouragement. Adventure requires me to keep going while others stay back.

Next time I look forward to sharing a few incredible provisions, some amazing pictures and answers to long awaited prayer. Spring is breaking through; faith becomes sight.

Until next week,

Mrs. Farmer Jones

May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands. Psalm 90:17



Our Weekly Farm Box Subscription spans 24-weeks, May 25 through October 26. For $65 per week, your Locavore box includes:

  • One whole pasture-raised chicken is a heritage-bred, slow growth, antibiotic-free, raised-on-pasture, free to roam and graze with a non-GMO and organic scratch grain for additional nutrients. The average bird size is 4-5 lbs. (average bird is 4-5lbs, value $20-$25/whole bird).

  • We harvest 7-8 different vegetables. We pack an average of about 12 - 14 pounds of produce in each box. Vegetables are grown without harsh chemicals and in soil, meticulously managed to support the delivery of nutrients to each plant. (value range $38-$52).

  • Depending on the week, we add to each box an organic grain item, pasture-raised eggs, local honey, flowers or shop item (value range $7-$25).

  • Our subscribers enjoy free admission for their entire family and the friends they bring to our Thursday Night events ($15 per person/excludes food & drink).

We have a limited number of spots each season. Learn More


Two summer sessions are offered, featuring five consecutive days for kids ages 6yrs. through 16 yrs. When we curate our groups, the age ranges are generally grouped 6-9yrs., 9-12yrs., and 13-16yrs. Camp hours are 9-2 PM each day. All camp activities lead up to a family feast on Friday. Kids learn how a farm operates, solely motivated by the guests gathered at the table. They participate in the preparations and experience the good work of sharing a meal. Learn More


Each day during kids camp, through story and discussion, participants will enjoy a refreshing conversation on gardening, cooking, nutrition and the posture of a simple, self-reliant and slowed down lifestyle. With an opportunity to apply what’s learned, participants will make and take something home each day. Register today!



Begin your dream garden this season with our farm-made raised bed system. Each bed is 12’-long by 4’-wide and 27” high. This dimension makes gardening easier on your back and will support the soil-building practice of hugelkultur. The bed size offers 48-square feet of growing space. Learn More.


All our dinner dates are entered and from our pre-season sale, some are over 50% filled up already. Join us for another season. Bring new friends. Come for a special occasion. Experience new additions to the evening, including an expanded farm tour, covering all the new animals and projects of the season. Join the Table!


Extend your Dine on the Land experience and stay over after dinner in a newly remodeled farmhouse or in our glamp tent. Book Now!


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