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February 5, 2022

All things brave!

I can barely think of a moment more intense than that moment you choose to be brave. It's like a bolt of lightening that interrupts fear, cleansing the air for courage. Sometimes we choose to be brave in a moment. Sometimes we have to be brave for a season, daily choosing to be courageous until there's a breakthrough or victory. Deciding to be brave is not just a lesson for children, though in my household, they are incredible examples.

Adoption demands bravery from all. In my home I see tremendous bravery from children who've let go of a dream, trusting they will find the love and commitment they've always longed for, here. For those who've always been here, I see tremendous bravery as they share all they hold dear and trust they've not lost value and that there is enough love to go around. Of course, there is also a mommy and daddy who pray their brave choice bodes well for all.

What I've found is that true bravery is best spent on and for others. Think of a soldier. Think of a hero. Think of the trailblazers we celebrate this month: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was brave enough to share his dream. Rosa Parks was brave and didn't get up so others could sit down. Harriet Tubman was brave and didn't save just herself, but went back for others, again and again. George Washington Carver was brave and turned down a lucrative salary with Thomas Edison so he could continue his help to farmers and his students at Tuskegee University.

We don't always know how our bravery will serve others. But if we are brave each time, we won't miss out on the opportunity.

The past three of Locavore's seven years, have been incredibly hard - both in business and for our family. Daily, for a long time, I've felt that bolt of lightening pushing me to do the brave things often times risky, confusing, uncomfortable and exhausting. However, I can say, I'm beginning to see the benefit for others from these hard choices as breakthrough, answers and victory are in view. I hope to share very soon. For now, please be brave for others. You know what you're supposed to do.

Sometimes...fear does not subside must choose to do it afraid. - Elizabeth Elliot

Until next week,

Rachael Jones

Elizabeth Elliot: A very brave woman, who stayed to love and serve the same tribe who killed her husband and his friends. Her bravery brought health, healing and peace to that part of the world.

Yeah. We were brave the other day. We published this video on our Youtube Channel (Locavore Farm) - please watch and subscribe. It's the first of many episodes that will share how we prepare to open for the season. We'll be in and out of the kitchen and every week we'll have new friends. This episode, titled our Brunch Crush, features Farmer Jones' Super Scotch Egg featured in our Valentine's Day Weekend Brunch Box.

Bravery: Welcoming your kids into the teen years! In our household and extended family, February is birthday madness. Every few days there is a celebration. The kids above were the kids below. For most, they're stepping into their teenage years. Why?


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