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January 30, 2022

I know what every farmer and avid gardener is doing right now: planning. Sorting through seed packets, purchasing new varieties, reviewing past garden journals and determining what and where they'll be planting. Some seeds have even already started.

We are deep in this whole process at Locavore right now and the activity truly invokes a hopeful spirit. When I hold up each seed packet, it's as though I see straight through it, months down the road to a plant well established, healthy, beautiful and ready to serve out its purpose. I have such vision and patience for plants and flowers. Do I have the same for my kids, relationships, or even myself?

There is a law in place in the garden and in life: You reap what you sow.

Every summer I can't wait to eat blistered Shishito Peppers drenched in lemon aioli. This is a favorite appetizer on Thursdays and light bite at our Dine on the Land events. If I want a Shishito this summer, I better start that seed in early March and what I plant must be a Shishito seed and no other.

Applying this truth of the garden to every area in your life, really puts priorities in order. If I want a certain character trait to bloom or I want a certain culture in my home, I must plant and nurture the seeds of what that is if I want to enjoy the fruit some day.

We've planted a lot for the future of Locavore Farm over the past few years. Nurturing and caring for these 'dream seeds' with little to no visible signs of growth. Well, we see life. Seeds are sprouting. We can't wait to share what's been in the works and we intend to enjoy the fruit of our labor with you this coming season.

Until Next Week,

Rachael Jones


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