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March 13, 2022

Spring forward. I love it! Forward means opportunity around the corner. I'm driven by 'next' but often times my readiness to move robs me of the time to reflect, be grateful and enjoy. I find myself skimming the thank-yous as I march on.

Well, I'm not going to do that today (or tomorrow, I hope)! This morning while I sip my coffee and later today when I enjoy a feast on the South Side of Chicago with family and friends after the St. Patty's Day Parade, I will reflect on gifts and victories. Before any more time leaps forward, I will look back over the past seven years so I can say thanks to the army that helped us along the way...specific thank-yous, directed at someone and not just any and everybody. I already have several to share:

  • Thank you to my mother and father for fostering the children we'd later adopt. Instead of retirement, you served and stepped in to provide forever homes to a sibling group after six years in foster care.

  • Thank you to David Miller, co-founder and Chairman of Iroquois Valley Farms who pushed us forward to ensure we got the land we needed to open this season and grow for generations to come.

  • Thank you to Catherine & Dave, Warren, Judith, Maria & Scott, Susan, Charlie & Laurel, Tony, Stephanie, Joan, Sue, Kevin & Marcia, Kristy & Gary, David, Kathleen, Tiffany, Adonis & Trish, Maria, Michael & Michelle and John - you formed a community to dream our dream and expand the land.

  • Thank you to Sarah, Pete, Heather and Vince (Our Team) who continue to be the hands, feet and hearts of the farm.

  • Thank you, God. You are ever present to help and give hope, more than able and willing because you are love. My life story has tested and tried God's faithfulness and compassion time and time again, and in every chapter he’s proven himself, faithful and true, compassionate, gracious, slow to anger and abounding in love.

This is a big season for Locavore, filled with lots of change and incredible opportunity, we will plant and build with grateful hearts.

Until next week,

Rachael Jones


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