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March 27, 2022

It's amazing how when the sun shows up, life feels a little more doable. Happy Sun-day for real. I couldn't imagine not sending out a little, 'hello' this week. March was intense. Getting two farms up and running for the season has proven very challenging. Every time I feel like running out of steam or second-guessing our decision to expand, I'm reminded that all of this is our deepest hearts' desire. So when body and mind want to give up, hope soars and vision leads through the next thing to do. In moving forward - not waiting - we find the grace for another task and provision for what we thought couldn't be done.

Spoil Alert: God is our helper on this journey. I've been reading the book of Nehemiah and this guy left comfort and safety for a mission that burned in his heart (read Nehemiah for yourselves. This mission was not one he could do himself, but he had a desire in his heart, placed their before the foundation of the earth was laid, and he said yes to what was impossible for him to accomplish in his own strength and with his own resources. He asked for everything along the way and an incredible group of people came alongside and worked together to complete what a 'rationale' person would say was impossible in the time given.

I believe, community living and working together to serve others is part of our DNA. We were made for relationships and we are supposed to be good stewards of the callings and vision we have to serve others.

Nehemiah and his team had many obstacles and challenges, but they moved on. They had opposition but that didn't slow them down. They used their tools in the one hand and weapons in the other, focused on completing the task.

Good work is always challenged and it's incredibly necessary in order to keep the purpose pure and to make you strong for the task. Never give up, friends! Move forward. Push through. Ask for help. Find your team and do big things together.

Whether you're a mom who can't pretend she's got it together anymore, a marriage on the brink, or a businessman writhe with anxiety, we were made for each other and our loads are better carried together. Don't stay quiet. You ain't fooling anyone. You need help and that's a good thing.

Until next week,

Rachael Jones


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