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May 29, 2022

No newsletter last week. We lost power at 4 AM on Saturday morning through mid-morning on Sunday. Lightning struck the transformer and the fuse blew. The power company came right out, but refused to replace the fuse until we raised the service lines to an undisclosed height. Keep in mind, our service run is over a quarter mile long and it stretches through an ancient hedgerow that looks more like the easement between parcels. We own this cable, apparently. One day it was the power company's line when the utility bolstered growth in this rural community and then after a while the service run became the owner's property.

We were beyond frustrated. It was pouring rain. We had a dance recital to get to and no electricity means no water from our well, no coffee, no shower, no flushing, no heat for baby chicks and no way to send out my usual Sunday note to ya'll. We also had to send our construction team home for the weekend. They are working tirelessly to meet the County's requirements for us to open in June. Boo-hoo! Yet, we survived and our service lines are now taut enough and we are back and ready for the next hurdle, which we expect each day.

The adversity and challenges we've encountered this season are too many to number - so are the victories. Our most pressing challenge is for us to open! We typically open the end of May, but outfitting a 100-year old farm estate into a facility that meets the requirements to gather people, listen to music, and serve food and drink is substantial. We closed February 28 and have worked around the clock every day thereafter.

For seven years we've changed the way a small family farm can be experienced and supported by a community. There was no model in our County or the Midwest region to follow and reproduce. We knew it wouldn't be easy. At times we've been singled-out, pushed and challenged. The result, however, is excellence brought about by newfound creativity, energy that surpasses our own strength, collaboration and teamwork from family to contractor and unwavering hope in opening our doors.

Challenges accepted, Adversity! Match point coming up. With God's help we will open early June. Thursdays will start up soon and June 25 will be our first Dine on the Land of 2022!

Below are some highlights from this past week!

Until next time,

Rachael Jones

We made it to the dance recital. Maybe it was because our little farmer is becoming not so little and she's beautiful and worked so hard for months on her routine, or because we had no prospect of power being restored that day, Farmer Jones and I cried like babies the entire time.

A quarter-mile driveway improvement and gravel lot installation is one of the largest projects we've had to complete. We worked with Piggush Engineering to create the scope of work for the project and then put it out to bid. Everyone thought it would be impossible to get this project underway and complete before we open. The wet weather and busy road improvement season were against us. However, the lowest bid came in and because of permitting challenges on their current job, they were able to jump off that one and come to ours the next day! We are essentially paving a road and now are guests will have ample parking when they come to visit. We'll be done this week!

Meet Bethel - a Jersey from our friends down the way. We've known Bethel for almost seven years. We've often looked for her, calling from the car window, or chasing her through a field when she's decided to take off. Well, her dear family is starting a new chapter and want Bethel to begin her new adventure with us. She's a beauty and a trip and we can't wait for you to meet her. Hey Girl!

Reserve Your Seat at the Table

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Farm Stays

We have listed our one-of-a -kind farm-stay experience on VRBO. Our cozy cottage on our new 30-acre farm estate is ready to be booked. Enjoy a rural landscape and the simple beauty of country living. Harvest vegetables, herbs, and flowers from the gardens, as well as stock your fridge with the farm’s pasture-raised meats, local grass-fed dairy (milk and cheese) and scratch-made baked goods. Each morning, you’ll fetch your own eggs and experience the bounty of having your own homestead. Relax and enjoy the farm as your own - choose to participate in chores or just slow down and let the rural landscape nurture your soul.

Book Your Cottage Stay Now or Glamp-over after our Dine on the Land event.