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September 3, 2022

Happy Sunday! I'm writing this message on Saturday morning, so I can take off on a family trip to the lake in a few hours. Guests who have become close friends - like many of you - gifted us their lake house this holiday weekend. We never schedule a farm dinner on the Labor Day Weekend as it is always our time to rest-up in order to complete the season well - also our anniversary!

We started a grueling season of work on February 28 when we closed on our new farm estate and this is our first weekend away. That's not to say that we haven't sought out and soaked in the many opportunities we see daily to recharge and refresh: Sitting down for dinner, drinks on the porch, impromptu visits with friends or family. These are ways each day we refuel in order to give our best as stewards of land and lives.

The good work that truly impacts another is only as good as the internal work overflowing from the laborer. I'm not talking spa days and naps here, though these opportunities have their benefits. I'm talking about paying attention to those areas inside that need real change, care and healing. We know they're there, weighing us down and robbing us of joy. Dealing with these issues takes intention and I believe that starts with honesty, humility and stepping out of the hustle for a moment.

That's what we'll be doing this weekend, trusting that in addition to rest and recreation, any weeds of discouragement and defeat will be identified and pulled up to make room for the good fruit to grow that can be shared with others.

We've got another big adventure unfolding, folks! We look forward to sharing this news with you all soon. Right now is the perfect time for us as a family to get away and ask God to direct our path and continue to bless and establish the labor of our hands.

Until next week-ish,

Mrs. Farmer Jones

If you haven’t come yet this season, we hope to see you Thursday or Saturday before mid-October.

NEXT WEEK: We will post our schedule for Fireside Fridays where we transform the lounge into an intimate dining space. We will also post our holiday schedule. We can't wait to deck these halls!

Reserve Your Seat at the Table

Make your reservation for Thursday Night or to Dine on the Land. This coming Thursday, September 1 will be a little bit more special than most. Come see!


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