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April 24, 2022

This issue will be glimpses of progress and happenings of springs. Enjoy!

We're finding Robin's eggs in nests throughout the farm. They're just such an amazing color. However, look past the fence and see a few a group of our 400 meat birds enjoying their new space. We took a 60'-ft. diameter round-out for horses and transformed it into a shelter for our pasture-raised chickens. We have 200 on pasture and 200 tucked away in the nursery. Our signature Sumac-smoked chicken is all pasture-raised on our farm by our family.

One of our favorite projects is our organic raised beds. Amending the soil at the new farm will take effort and time as we transition to organic. Those visiting will be able to see how we take the journey, during our walking farm tours. Our raised beds allow us to grow on site, using organic practices. We will still grow a bulk of our food at Locavore's original homestead. Our garden beds are nestled in between the farm stay cottage and our incredible barn. Guests at the farm stay will harvest their own food, collect their eggs, and eat off the land during their stay.

The work on the farm in the spring is often hidden, yet integral to the success of summer and fall. There is so much work to do below the surface and in preparation for the bounty you will see. For example, each of our garden beds are layered with rotten and decaying logs from the dead trees we've cut down in the forest. These will decompose adding rich nutrients, along with compost to the soil in the boxes for the vegetables. In sustainable farming, nothing goes to waste. We reuse what we can and love discovering new and beneficial uses for everything throughout the farm.

We all continue to nestle in to the new space, while maintaining our original homestead. We are finishing up some major projects that we look forward to sharing with you before we officially open. Here's a picture of Ira. She's settling in too and will welcome a new flock of ewes this week. She'll be sharing her space and showing them around.

Current Farm Offerings

Enrollment Now Open for

Summer Farm Camp

Farm camp is now in its sixth year and offers two sessions in July. Space is limited as we opened enrollment up to past campers first.

Our focus every year is to engage campers, showing them the incredible world around them and how its resources are nurtured and shared. They learn that they are stewards and that they play an active role in the health of the land and the food it produces. Their hands-on experiences require them to become agronomists and gastronomists throughout the week, leading up to a multi-course feast they’ve prepared for their family and friends and our long table. We also focus on character and how we show kindness through hospitality, integrity through growing food and leadership through the hard work of rural living.

Purchase: Session One

Farm Camp for ages 6-10 years old

July 11-14 from 9 AM to 1 PM and Family Farm Dinner on July 15,

starting at 6 PM.

Purchase: Session Two

Farm Camp for ages 11-16 years old

July 25-28 from 9 AM to 1 PM and Family Farm Dinner on July 29,

starting at 6 PM

Enroll today:

Farm Stay Experiences

On Friday, April 29, we will finally post the booking link for our farm stay experiences. With over 400 inquiries and a ton of creating the perfect spaces, we'll be ready to post pictures of our gorgeous cottage and start taking reservations. If you are interested, please participate in a brief survey to help us finalize our plans:

For those who complete the survey, we will send you a pre-launch link to ensure you have the best opportunity to secure the date and experience you want this season.


Our Cottage-stay (pictures on Friday) is designed to be a full experience, Thursday through Saturday and checking-out on Sunday. Arrival is Thursday before our casual evening event, featuring live music and an a la carte food and drink menu. Join locals for a rustic evening. Friday is for relaxing, engaging, and enjoying the farm as your own - choose farm tasks to participate or just slow down and let the rural landscape nurture your soil. Saturday is our Dine on the Land event. Observe how a group of farmers