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February 13, 2022

Waking up this morning, knowing that many of you are enjoying our Valentine's Weekend Brunch Box is a rather delightful thought. Enjoy lovebirds!

All those pictures in the heart image above offer a visual for what's in our heart. Our entire family and farm operation is built on our passion to nurture and share. I believe this passion is rooted in love and comes from a deep desire to see humans experience the good things in a way that is simple yet able to awaken deep longing for more... More good out of our food, more good put in to the environment and more good out of our connection to one another.

Our season is getting closer. Seeds are being planted. Plans are coming to fruition and preparation underway for our big announcement by March. Our 2022 season calendar will post too!

Until next week,

Rachael Jones

There is nothing cuter than a baby goat. Tina, our momma goat, had triplets yesterday. The sound of a tiny goat baaing is heart-melting. However, it's alarming when that sound comes too soon and in such cold temperatures. Tiny wasn't supposed to have her babies this early.

Right now, we are working around the clock to save the two girls. We are calling them by all the lovely names you've posted on Facebook.

Unfortunately the third passed away last night. It's hard on the children for sure - and us! Everyone wants to find a reason or point at a fault but the truth is, things beyond our understanding and control, even given our best efforts and greatest intentions, fail! And it hurts. And we're sad.

I don't look for painful opportunities to learn lessons, but I am glad we get to learn these lessons together as a family.

Around here, we let tears fall. We let questions be asked. We let the unknown be pondered and even allow grief to have its time. We know that sorrow is inevitable, but also that joy can be ever-present.

The only way to handle grief is with hope! So, we hope these little baaing goats make it. We hope (and know) that winter won't last forever. And, we hope we can wipe tears and give out hugs in therapeutic doses as we nurture these little ones. All the kids (goats & humans) in the house!


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